Rules - Modded


Modded Carrot Country Rules

1. Fairness

Players have the right to play in a fair environment free from cheating and exploits.


1.1 Clients and Modifications

Custom clients, macros, and other modifications to the game which give the player an advantage are not allowed. This rule does not apply to:

  • Optifine and other performance improvement mods.

  • MCcapes

  • TabbyChat

X-Ray resource packs are also not allowed within the Carrot Country.


1.2 Exploits

Players must not take advantage of apparent bugs or otherwise exploit technical oversights.


1.3 Brightness

Altering the gamma of your client in order to simulate the effects of a full-bright modification is allowed on the modded server.


1.4 Illegal Items

The possession of illegitimate items is not allowed. Planting a sacred rubber sapling or a mega rubber sapling is also strictly prohibited.


1.5 Autoclickers and Macros

Auto clickers, macros, or devices set up to simulate either of these are not allowed.


1.6 Alternative Accounts

Alternative accounts (or alts for short) must not be used at any time in the Carrot Country. Players may only use one account. Please contact the server staff if you wish to switch to your main account. You can do this by creating a ticket in the #ticket channel on the Discord server.


2.  Gameplay

Players have the right to play in an environment with certain courtesies.


2.1 Raiding

Stealing from and griefing Towny claims and others are strictly prohibited.
Killing other players is highly discouraged.
Doing so may make you more enemies than you had hoped for.


2.2 Terrain Destruction Around Claims

Players may not grief terrain around land claims. Examples of grief range may be:

  • TNT Craters

  • Lava casts

  • Lava/Water curtains

  • Cobble Monsters

  • Mass Spawning of Entities


2.2 Claim Blocking

Deliberately placing claims near a town in order to block its expansion is forbidden. This includes placing a new town next to another with the intent of blocking their expansion.


2.4 Destruction within town boundaries

Players must absolutely refrain from causing destruction within town boundaries. Do not break or greatly alter another player's build within a town without their permission.


2.5 Lag and Service Disruption

Players intentionally causing harm to the services we provide will be punished.

3. Behavior

Players have the right to be spoken to in a friendly, respectful manner.


3.1 Spamming

Do not spam or send messages in a way that disrupts chat flow.


3.2 Toxicity

Please avoid being toxic in the Carrot Country. Toxicity can be anything from using racial slurs to sexual harassment and severely explicit language. Toxicity can also be actions that drive a player away from the community.


Toxicity is determined on a case-by-case basis by staff. Repeated violations will eventually lead to a permanent ban.


3.3 Sharing Personal Information

Sharing personal information and identities of others without their explicit permission is strictly forbidden.


3.4 Advertising

Advertising is not allowed unless it is related to the Carrot Country.


3.5 Link-Sharing

Sharing links is allowed. Malicious links, rule-breaking links, and links containing adult-content, however, are not allowed.


4.  Safety

Players have the right to play in an environment in which their account is safe.


4.1 Staff Impersonation

Players must not pretend to be a member of staff.


4.2 Real-World Trading

Players must not exchange in-game items or services for real currency and vice-versa.


4.3 Scamming

Players should refrain from scamming others.


4.4 Phishing Links

Players must not paste any phishing or malicious links in the chat.


Moderators reserve the right to punish the breaking of rules according to their own interpretation of the severity, as well as to execute punishments without warning.


All rules listed in this document are now in effect as of February 2019 and apply to all players regardless of rank. Breaking these rules whether you know them or not will result in punishment. We reserve the right to change our rules at any time or make exceptions based on context.